Bijar Gas Pipeline Operation Center

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Employer: Iranian Gas Engineering and Development Company

Consultant Engineers: Iran Arch Consultant Engineers

Contract Price: 205,737,500,000 Rials With a 25% Increase

Contract Year: 2019

Location: Bijar, Kurdistan Province

Land Area: 27,269 square meters

Infrastructure: 9,061 Square meters

Type of activity: Building and Installation


The Bijar Gas Pipeline Operation Center project is located on a 36,900 square meter land in Bijar city. The project includes office building, guest house and dining area, shelter building, substation, warehouse, parking lot, open warehouse, helicopter runway, pipe warehouse, pumping station, refinery and machine repair shed. The most important technical specifications of the project are:


-Excavation: 9,250 Cubic Meters

-Concreting: 2,103 Cubic Meters

-Asphalt: 10,000 Square Meters

-Electrical and Mechanical Plumbing: 14.5 Kilometers

-Electrical and Mechanical wiring: 18.5 Kilometers