The Management and Planning Organization Building of Khuzestan

The project includes excavation and embankment, foundation, construction and ‎installation of steel frame, masonry and finishing works and installing all mechanical ‎and electrical equipment of the main building with an area of approximately 17,800 ‎square meters in seven floors and landscaping for above 6500 square meters.‎

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Ministry of Science, Research and Technology

This building has an area of approximately 54,000 square meters on 23 floors.‎

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Pipeline Repair Yard ‎of Khorramabad

The Pipeline Repair Yard of Khorramabad is located on a land with an area of 30,000 ‎square meters in Khorramabad city. The project includes an office building, guest house ‎and canteen, security building, electricity substation, warehouse, parking lot, ‎transportation workshop and pipeline workshop, heavy machinery parking lot, open ‎warehouse and helipad.‎

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Quds Girls’ Educational Complex

The project includes excavation and embankment, construction and mechanical and ‎electrical installation of the main building and landscaping around it with an ‎infrastructure of about 6302 square meters in 6 blocks of 1 to 3 floors with a sports hall ‎shed and a separate amphitheater building. The mechanical installation system of the ‎building consists of solar panels, VRF systems, air conditioning and condensing ‎equipment.‎

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Iranian Space Research Center

The contract of the mentioned project is for the implementation of its steel structure, ‎masonry and finishing works, and installations with an infrastructure of approximately ‎‎12,000 square meters on 10 floors.‎

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Masjed Soleyman 160 Bed Hospital

The project includes of excavation and embankment, construction of concrete frame, ‎masonry and finishing works and installing all mechanical and electrical equipment. The ‎main building is approximately 14,500 square meters in six blocks of two to five floors ‎and peripheral buildings with an area of approximately 800 square meters plus fencing ‎and landscaping in 35,000 square meters area.‎

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