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Employer: West Azarbaijan Saderat Bank

Consulting Engineers: Sinam Consulting Engineers

Contract Price: 135,000,000,000 Rails

Contract Year: 2006

Contract Duration: 30 Months

Location: Urmia, West Arazbaijan

Type of Activity: Building and Installation


This project includes excavation and embankment, constructing concrete frame, masonry and finishing works and all the mechanical and electrical installation works.

The main building has a floor area of approximately 16,000 square meters in three blocks of two to twelve floors, with 3,800 square meters of landscaping. Mechanical building system consisting of a hot water boiler, absorption chiller, cooling tower and air conditioning and fan coil. The following features are of the main characteristics of the project:


-Excavation and Embankment: 35,000 Cubic Meters

-Reinforcement: 1,600 Tons

-Concrete: 13,000 Cubic Meters

-Framework: 48,000 Square Meters

-Dry wall and Ceiling: 16,500 Square Meters

-Stonework: 27,500 Square Meters

-Tiling: 3,000 Square Meters

-Electrical and Mechanical Piping: 100 Kilometers

-Duct: 5,000 Square Meters

-Wiring and Cabling: 230 Kilometers