Construction of Andimeshk Force Alley Route & Bridge

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Employer: General Department of Roads and Urban Development of Khuzestan Province

Consultant Engineers: Imen Panam Rah Consulting Engineers 

Contract Amount: 76,500,000,000 Rials

Location: Andimeshk, Khuzestan Province

Infrastructure: 1391 Meters Long Road

Type of activity: Road & Transportation


Andimeshk force alley route and bridge construction project are located on a 34245 square meter road in Andimeshk city. Some of the most important technical specifications of the project are:


– Excavation and embankment: 17,000 Cubic Meters

– Formatting: 7,000 Square Meters

-Reinforcement: 372,470 Tons

-Concreting: 3,400 Cubic Meters

-Asphalt: 25,000 Square Meters

-Base and Sub-Base: 2,200 Cubic Meters

-Insulation: 2,300 Square Meters