Construction of Khonj Gas Facilities Resort for Satellite Employees

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Employer: Iranian Gas Engineering and Development Company

Consultant Engineers: Sahn-e-Boostan Consulting Engineers

Contract Price: 1,870,000,000,000 Rials (Price List 2023)

Contract Duration: 30 Months

Location: Khonj, Fars Province

Type of activity: Construction & Installation, Transmission and Distribution of Rural Water, Transmission and Distribution of Electricity Stations


The project includes earthworks, buildings and site facilities located at km 44 of Khonj-Qir road on a land with an area of about 20,000 square meters, including cultural-sports buildings with an area of 2,312 square meters, 6 residential units with 3 bedrooms with an area of 654 square meters, 4 2-bedroom residential unit with an area of 354 square meters, a household and service building unit with an area of 155 square meters, a fence and a perimeter wall and landscaping with an area of 16,480 square meters, which includes a network of pedestrian and bicycle paths and an open sports field with an area of 10,780 square meters. It has a 5,700 square meter green area with prefabricated concrete pavement. The heating and cooling system includes boilers and hot water along with chillers and air conditioners and dual-purpose gas coolers. Among the most important features of the project, the following can be mentioned:

-Excavation and Excavation: 40,000 Cubic Meters

-Framework: 9,630 Square Meters

-Reinforcement: 160 Tons

-Concrete: 4,250 Cubic Meters

-Dry Brickwork: 3,550 Cubic Meters

-Prefabricated Wall: 124 Cubic Meters

-Building Operations with Lightweight Blocks: 4,110 Square Meters

-Ceramic Tiles: 4,500 Square Meters

-Insulation: 9,450 Square Meters

-Mosaic: 10,670 Square Meters

-Stonework: 4,000 Square Meters

-Brick Facade: 2,400 Square Meters

-Base & Sub-base: 17,600 Cubic Meters

-Electrical Piping: 11450 Meters Long

-Mechanical Piping: 13300 Meters Long

-Wiring and Cabling: 62400 Meters Long