Construction of storage shed and Lavan Oil Refining Company building

Employer: Lavan Oil Refining Company

Consultant Engineers: Executor of quality planning & fuel oil reduction of Lavan Oil Refining Company

Contract Price: 1,880,014,633,315 Rials

Contract Duration: 14 Months

Location: Lavan Island

Type of Activity: Building and Installation


The project includes civil and construction operations, mechanical and electrical installations of the laboratory building and two storage units along with landscaping, parking space with an infrastructure of 3,142 square meters in the form of three sheds and a landscaping of 1,500 square meters. The building’s mechanical installation system consists of chiller and wall fan. The following are the most important features of the project:


-Excavation & Embankment: 4,350 Square Meters

-Concrete: 2,150 Cubic Meters

-Heavy Steel Works: 235 Tons

-Lightweight Steel Works: 214 Tons

-Two-sided Brick wall Facade: 1,690 Square Meters

-Construction with Cement Blocks: 4,125 Square Meters

-Moisture Insulation: 5,284 Square Meters

-Thermal Insulation: 4,988 Square Meters

-Cabling & Wiring: 18 Kilometers

-Mechanical & Electrical Piping: 17 Kilometers