Gol Gohar Company’s Office Building

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Employer: Golgohar Mining & Industrial Company

Consultant Engineers: Construction Management of Golgohar Mining & Industrial Company

Contract Price: 2,725,000,000,000 Rials

Contract Duration: 18 months

Location: Sirjan

Type of activity: Construction & Installation


The project has an area of 11,800 square meters which contains two blocks of 7 floors connected to each other through a bridge on the last floor that are a combination of circular and rectangular plans; the circular part has 7 floors and the rectangular part in block A and B have two and three floors respectively. The facade of the building is made of curtain wall and an aluminum louvre network in front of the curtain wall. The building has 8 elevators, 3 in block A and 5 in block B. Heating and cooling are provided by hot water boiler, chiller and air conditioner. Also, the project is equipped with fire alarm and extinguishing systems, CCTV and audio system.


-Brickwork: 2550 Square Meters

-Construction with Leca Blocks: 5450 Square Meters

-Moisture Insulation: 6270 Square Meters

-Thermal Insulation: 9800 Square Meters

-Lightweight Steel Works: 191 Tons

-Aluminum Louver: 30,000 Meters Long

-Curtain Wall and Composite Facade: 8200 Square Meters

-Knauf False Ceiling: 26400 Square Meters

-Ceramic Tiles: 9500 Square Meters

-Mosaic and Concrete Wash: 4000 Square Meters

-Stone Works: 23825 Square Meters

-LED Lights: 3120 Pcs

-Wiring and Cabling: 63 Kilo Meters

-Electrical and Mechanical Plumbing: 13 Kilo Meters

-CCTV: 135 Pcs