Imam Khomeini Industrial Site of Shoaibiya

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Employer: Sugarcane Development and Ancillary Industries Company

Consulting Engineers: Noha Consulting Engineers

Contract Price: 31,646,014,493 Rails

Contract Year: 1997

Contract Duration: 18 Months

Location: Shoaibiya, Khuzestan

Type of Activity: Building and Installation


The contract for the mentioned project was concluded in August 1997 between this company and Sugarcane Development and Ancillary Industries Company. The subject of the contract is the implementation of office buildings, hospitals, restaurants, engine room, security, fire department, gas station, entrance gate, weighing scale, main electricity substation, management post, driver’s rest area, administrative and food warehouses and main streets and public sector and electricity infrastructure facilities, as well as the equipment of the mentioned buildings and the landscaping of the project with an area of 80,000 square meters, and the implementation of mechanics and water distribution.


– Manual and Machine Excavation Operations: 600,000 Cubic Meters

– Reinforcement: 700,000 Kilograms

– Formatting: 80,000 Square Meters

– Asphalt: 200,000 Square Meters

– Concreting: 30,000 Square Meters

– Brick Facade: 15,000 Square Meters

– Block Beam Ceiling: 6000 Square Meters

– Cabling: 30,000 Meters Long

– Implementation of the Main Electricity Substation: 33 Kilo Watts

– Implementation of Polyethylene and Asbestos Sanitary Water Network: 25,000 Meters Long

– Implementation of Sanitary and Industrial Sewage Network: 30,000 Meters Long