Iranian Space Research Center

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Employer: Sharif University of Technology & Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran

Consulting Engineers: Bidoon Consulting Engineers

Contract Price: 30,000,000,000 Rails With a 25% Increase

Contract Duration: 26 Months

Location: Tehran, Tehran

Type of Activity: Building and Installation


The project is included of soil operation, constructing steel frame, masonry and finishing works. Mechanical system of the building consists of a hot water boiler, absorption chiller and fan coil. The building has implementation of intelligent systems. The main building is approximately 12,000 square meters with 10 floors. The following features are of the main characteristics of the project:


-Excavation and Embankment: 50,000 Cubic Meters

-Concrete: 50,000 Cubic Meters

-Reinforcement: 400 Tons

-Framework: 12,000 Square Meters

-Dry stone Facade: 5,000 Square Meters

-Flooring: 8,000 Square Meters

-Lightweight Cement Blocks: 20,000 Square Meters