Joint office buildings of Golgohar ‎&‎ Goharzamin Companies and stone crusher warehouses ‎No. 2‎

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Employer: Golgohar Mining & Industrial Company

Consultant Engineers: Construction Management of Golgohar Mining & Industrial Company

Contract Price: 840,000,000,000 Rials

Contract Duration: 18 Months

Location: Golgohar, Sirjan

Type of activity: Construction & Installation


The joint buildings between Golgohar & Goharzamin companies are located on a land of 17,000 square meters, which include excavation and embankment, concrete frame construction, masonry and finishing works and installing all mechanical and electrical equipment of the main office building with an area of 600 square meters, two separate office buildings for Golgohar and Goharzamin companies each one with an area of 180 square meters, a 379 square meter restaurant, a 487 square meter shift service building, a powerhouse with an area of 166 square meters and two shed’s each one with an area of 1200, a total of 2400 square meters. The mechanical equipment of the project includes hot water cast iron boiler and radiator along with spilt air conditioner. The following are the most important features of the project:


-Excavation and Embankment: 9000 Cubic Meters

-Concrete: 2800 Cubic Meters

-Armelat Flooring: 2400 Square Meters

-Shed’s Steel Structure: 404 Tons

-Lightweight Steel Works: 160 Tons

-Brick Facade: 3300 Square Meters

-Construction with Leca Blocks: 6000 Square Meters

-Sandwich Panels: 5860 Square Meters

-Ceramic Tiles: 2000 Square Meters

-Mosaic: 1830 Square Meters

-Base & Subbase: 2350 Cubic Meters

-Asphalt: 6600 Square Meters

-Wiring and Cabling: 22 Kilo Meters

-Spotlight: 60 Pcs

-Electrical and Mechanical Plumbing: 13 Kilo Meters