Khorramabad Pipeline Repair Yard

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Employer: Iranian Gas Engineering and Development Company

Consulting engineers: Iran Arch Consulting Engineers

Contract Price: 175,175,000,000 Rails

Contract Year: 2014

Location: Khorramabad, Lorestan Province

Type of Activity: Building & Installation


The project is located in Khorramabad with 30000 square meters area. The project includes the office buildings, guesthouse, canteen, security quarter, electricity distributing station, warehouse, parking lot, pipeline and transportation site, trucks and heavy equipment garage lot, outdoor warehouse and the heliport.

The following are of the main characteristics of the project:


-Excavation and Embankment: 45,000 Cubic Meters

-Concrete: 7,000 Cubic Meters

-Construction Operation: 12,000 Square Meters

-Steel frame: 210 Tons

-Wooden Door: 2,000 square meters

-Asphalt: 125,000 square meters

-Electrical and Mechanical Piping: 42.5 Kilometers

-Wiring and Cabling: 30 Kilometers