Masjed Soleyman 160 Bed Hospital

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Employer: Executive Organization for Public & Government Buildings and Infrastructures – Ministry of Roads & Urban Development

Consulting Engineers: Iran Arch Consulting Engineers

Contract Price: 357,000,000,000 Rails With an 25% Increase

Contract Year: 2006

Contract Duration: 39 Months

Location: Masjed Soleyman, Khuzestan

Type of Activity: Building and Installation


The project includes of excavation and embankment, construction of concrete frame, masonry and finishing works and installing all mechanical and electrical equipment. The main building is approximately 14,500 square meters in six blocks of two to five floors and peripheral buildings with an area of approximately 800 square meters plus fencing and landscaping in 35,000 square meters area. Mechanical installation system of the building consists of a monolithic air-cooled chiller, hot water boiler, air conditioning and fan coil; the following features are of the main characteristics of the project:


-Electrical and Mechanical Piping: 110 Kilo Meters

-Duct: 10,000 square meters

-Wiring and Cabling: 150 Kilo Meters

-Excavation and Embankment: 145,000 Cubic Meters

-Framework: 50,000 Square Meters

-Reinforcement: 1,350 Tons

-Concrete: 13,000 cubic meters

-Dry Wall and Ceiling: 32,000 Square Meters

-Stonework: 27,000 Square Meters

-Tiling: 14,500 Square Meters