Care Center for the Elderly and Specialized Polyclinic of Kahrizak

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Employer: Navid Zar Chimi Company

Consultant Engineers: Iran Arc Consultant Engineers

Contract Price: 5,230,000,000,000 Rials

Contract Duration: 24 Months

Location: Tehran

Type of Activity: Construction & Installation


The project includes excavation & embankment and construction of concrete skeleton, masonry and finishing works and mechanical and electrical installations of the main building with an infrastructure of about 12,000 square meters, including a nursing home building on 4 floors and two specialized polyclinic buildings and an industrial kitchen each on two floors along with landscaping. The building’s mechanical facilities system consists of an integrated air-cooled chiller, four hot water cast iron boilers with capacities of 426 and 826 thousand kilocalories per hour, channel fan coils with capacities of 400 and 1,400 cubic feet per minute, and ventilators with different capacities. Among the most important features of the project, the following can be mentioned:


-Excavation & Embankment: 37,550 Cubic Meters

-Concrete: 9,400 Cubic Meters

-Reinforcement: 885 Tons

-Lightweight Steel Works: 430 Tons

-Moisture Insulation: 9,440 Square Meters

-Thermal Insulation: 16,900 Square Meters

-Ceramic & Tiles: 14,200 Square Meters

-Masonry Works: 11,200 Square Meters

-Cabling & Wiring: 126 Kilometers

-Mechanical & Electrical Piping: 92 Kilometers

-LED Lights: 3,450 Pieces