Structure of Ahvaz 160 Bed Children’s Hospital

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Employer: The Ministry of Housing & Urban Development of Executive Organization for Public & Government Buildings and Installations

Contract Price: 128,000,000,000 Rials (Including 25%)

Contract Year: 2009

Contract Duration: 26 months

Location: Ahvaz, Khuzestan

Type of Activity: Building & Installation


The project is included of soil operation and constructing concrete frame. The main building has an area of approximately 19,500 square meters in 9 floors.

The following features are of the main characteristics of the project:


-Implementation of 80 Concrete Piles: 1,800 Meters

-Excavation and Embankment: 30,000 Cubic Meters

-Framework: 40,000 Square Meters

-Reinforcement: 1850 Tons

-Concrete: 13,500 Cubic