Structure Of Khodabandeh 220 Beds Hospital

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Employer: Specialized Parent Company of Development and Equipping of Health Centers and Pharmaceuticals

Consultant engineers: Farda Fan Pars Consultant Engineers

Contract Price: 232,500,000,000 Rials With 25% Increase

Contract Year: 2018

Location: Khodabandeh, Zanjan province

Infrastructure: 21,627 square meters

Type of activity: Building


The project includes earthworks and concrete structures in 4 blocks of 1 to 8 floors with prefabricated concrete walls of the area, the most important technical specifications of the project can be mentioned as follows:


-Excavation and embankment: 30,000 Cubic Meters

-Formatting: 44,000 Square Meters

-Reinforcement: 1,900 Tons

-Concrete: 17,500 Cubic Meters

-Fencing: 3,000 Square Meters