Structure of Razan 150 Beds Hospital

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Employer: Specialized Parent Company of Development and Equipping of Health Centers and Pharmaceuticals

Consultant Engineers: Abnieh Tarrahan Alborz Consulting Engineers

Contract Price: 2,461,875,000,000 Rials With a 25% Increase (Price Lists of 2018 & 2021)

Contract Year: 2018

Location: Razan, Hamedan Province

Land Area: 15,875 Square Meters

Type of Activity: Construction & Installation


The project includes excavation and embankment, construction of concrete frame, masonry and finishing works with installing all mechanical and electrical equipment. The main building has an infrastructure of 15875 square meters over 7 floors; the following are the most important technical specifications of the project:


-Excavation and embankment: 50000 Cubic Meters

-Formatting: 37000 Square Meters

-Reinforcement: 1600 Tons

-Concreting: 11500 Cubic Meters

-Mechanical & Electrical Plumping: 65842 Meters Long

-Mechanical & Electrical Wiring: 102700 Meters Long